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Educational Philosophy:

My goal as an educator is to foster and encourage present and future innovators in the field of design. Design education should begin with solid visual training and expand to encompass individual style and specialization. A successful educator has students who think independently and who routinely make connections between studio practice, critical theory and historical context.

I challenge students to question traditional norms of representation and the environmental wastefulness that is rampant in the field. By examining our ability to contribute to positive change, designers have the opportunity to help shape how a sometimes reluctant public interfaces with the most pertinent contemporary issues. At its best, education provides a springboard for design revolution, evolution and innovation and it is my privilege to be part of this transformation.


Young people from diverse backgrounds arrive in my classroom with a range of technical and creative proficiencies. My goal is to continually challenge them to stretch and to grow, not only as visual form makers but as thinkers, writers, and global citizens.

Classes I've taught: 2016-2021

Introduction to Typography

Graphic Production (packaging)

Social Media for the Arts

Junior Design

Senior Design (capstone course)

Professional Portfolio

Writing about Art




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