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Educational Philosophy:

There are people who are only comfortable operating within defined parameters and working towards pre-determined outcomes. As designers we know limits of such thinking. The work we’re involved in can be uncertain and wonderfully messy. While many projects do arrive with clearly articulated objectives we designers have the opportunity to dive into the fluidity of a problem and let the solution take shape through a process of exploration, ideation and revision. Whether one calls it design thinking, the creative process or something else entirely the ability to be comfortable with ambiguity is an essential competency for contemporary designers that I have cultivated in myself as well as imparted upon my students.


Young people from diverse backgrounds arrive in my classroom with a range of technical and creative proficiencies. My goal is to continually challenge them to stretch and to grow, not only as visual form makers but as thinkers, writers, and global citizens.

Classes I've taught: 2016-2021

Introduction to Typography

Graphic Production (packaging)

Social Media for the Arts

Junior Design

Senior Design (capstone course)

Professional Portfolio

Writing about Art

Selected student projects




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